Why Your Candidates Are Not Turning Up For The Interview?

It is very annoying when you spend so much of time and money for conducting an interview and the candidate doesn’t show up. Despite confirming several times the candidate refuses to come for the interview at the last minute. The candidates might have plenty of excuses for not coming for the interview, here are some top most reasons why your candidate doesn’t turn up for the interview.

Unclear Job Description

The candidate might be aware of the job title but might have no idea what work has to be accomplished under that. You as a recruiter need to clear out all the blurry details of the job role and ensure whether the candidate is interested in that job. If a candidate is not able to understand the job role then he is more likely to skip the interview as he will lack in confidence to crack the interview. The candidate needs to know what kind of work they are going to indulge in, and you as a recruiter want the candidate to answer most of your questions related to the job. Unclear job description makes a job seeker nervous about the interview and hence they don’t show up.


Lack Of Contact

If a candidate lacks in confidence about talking in the interview for a particular job, rather than confronting it they will skip the interview. It is highly important for a recruiter to maintain the rapport with the candidate. Just a few days or hours before the interview, the candidate might get nervous, you can call them up and resolve their every query related to the job. Make them feel confident so that they won’t hesitate to come for the interview.

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Indistinct Salary Information

Some companies keep the salary information hidden till a candidate gets selected for the job, which is a very wrong practice. Each and everyone of us has bills to pay, family to feed and other desires which can only be fulfilled by money. A recruiter needs to be very clear about the salary which they are going to pay. Every candidate looks for a better salary and workplace when he/she is out to hunt for a job. Many candidates work is lower salaries if they get their dream job especially if there is a room for progression in the company.



Not Following Up

Sometimes a company declares several job openings but fails to gauge candidate’s interest for the job. The reason for this is not following up with the candidate, a recruiter sometimes doesn’t confirm the interview time and date. After applying for the job  candidates expect the company to contact them and confirm the interview with them. No follow ups for days tends the candidate to lose interest in that company. You as a recruiter should follow up the candidate to encourage them to come for the interview and ask them to come well prepared.


Bombarding Emails

Sending emails is the cheapest and effective way of reaching the candidate in a short period of time. But have you wondered that candidates are not only reliable on your company, they may have applied for the same job post in various companies. They look out for a better company which can provide better salary and growth in the same organisation. To resolve this you need to build a good rapport with the candidate and encourage them to join your company. Give them every detail about your job post, salary and other benefits which they are going to get if they join your company. A candidate gets numerous emails every day regarding job opportunities is several companies, give sufficient details to the candidate so that he/she would come to your organisation.


Hectic Travelling

Travelling becomes a major issue if the candidate resides far away from the company. The candidate gets attracted towards the job opportunity but travelling for hours becomes time-consuming, hectic and expensive. Providing travelling allowance to your employees might reduce some stress from your candidate’s mind. Nobody would like to spend hours in travelling everyday unless someone pays for it.



These are some reasons why your candidates fail to show up for the interview. If you are facing any kind of difficulty to make your candidate turn up for the interview, you can visit our website. Here you only need to pay and be rest assured. Aasaanjobs will provide and follow up better and relevant candidate for your job posting.

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