Why Talented People In Your Organisation Aren’t Speaking Up

charliechaplinCreate a work culture that is united and focused on meeting your company goals efficiently. For this, you need to make your employees speak up. To make this happen an open and active conversation should be maintained across your organization. If some of your employees are not used to communicating openly then this approach might be a challenge. Take this as a challenge to build a business filled with engaged and energized employees who aren’t afraid to speak up. Here we have listed some reasons why the talented employees of your organization aren’t speaking up.

To Be Respectful

When an employee is invited first or second time for a senior level meeting, it is obvious that many seniors would be present for it. If one of your employees is an introvert then it is natural that they will feel like it’s not their place to talk. Rather than speaking something wrong they tend to be silent and not to ruin the conversation. Because of the strong hierarchies of your organization, an employee gives respect to all the senior employees by not speaking up.

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Nothing Else To Add
There is no wrong intention of employees behind not speaking at the workplace. You will hate when an employee speaks nothing and waste times in meetings. The employee might feel whatever is needed is already been shared and they have got nothing to add on. There are also chances that their idea is already been put on the table by someone else.careerbuilder-ar_post-523

Don’t Want To Say The Wrong Thing
The introvert employees of your organization are afraid to be incompetent in front of people who will judge them. For instance, if your introvert employees are in the meeting with the client, they just don’t speak up. The behind this is fear of saying something foolish which may contradict the ongoing conversation. Rather they allow their seniors or experienced colleagues to talk because they are more experienced and confident.270146f

No Encouragement
Honest and open communication is important for maintaining a successful company that can quickly respond to fast-changing market conditions and competitors. Wouldn’t you come up with more ideas if you are getting something in return? Yes! everyone would, employees should be given rewards for speaking up and contributing their ideas which can help your company to gain more profit. The rewards can vary from saying thank you, giving cash rewards to providing Sodexo vouchers.sad_workers_main

Although honest criticism is an essential element of any successful company, but if you criticize destructively instead of being constructive then your employee can get scared of speaking up in the organization. It is not necessary to implement every idea of your employee but rather than judging them try to listen carefully and suggest ideas of improvement.file-deliver

Unaware About The Ultimate Goal
Majority of the employees are unaware about the ultimate goal of your organization. Your employees will not be excited towards their job if they know little or nothing about the company’s goal. Share your thoughts with the employees about the company goals, brand promises, how your organization works and how a particular job role is important in order to accomplish the goal. This will help the talented employees of your organization to speak up.companyculturedemotivatingyourpeople47No Appreciation
Several small sacrifices are made by your employees everyday just to put some extra efforts for doing a great job. Taking them for granted will make your employees lose interest in their work and will gradually affect their productivity. Employees feel worthless if you don’t appreciate their work or ideas. Your employees can be very talented and hardworking but they will not speak up if it is not valued.sad people

These are some reasons why talented people in your organization aren’t speaking up. However, you can visit our website where you only need to pay and be rest assured. Aasaanjobs will provide better and relevant candidate for your job posting.

Source: Ere media and Fast Company

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