Things You Can Learn From Your Candidate’s Interview Answers

Interview questions should be framed in such a way that a candidate should understand it easily and answer them comfortably. A lot can be understood from their way of answering interview questions. Here are some questions and what an interviewer should learn from the candidate’s answer.

Tell Me Something About Yourself?
This is one of the most used opening questions for interviewers. It gives the candidates a chance to tell you things that aren’t mentioned in their resume.


What Are Your Hobbies?
A candidate’s hobbies tell you about his/her area of interest and add light to things not mentioned in their resume. In some cases, it can make it easier for you to gauge whether he/she is perfect to work in your organization or not. For example, if a candidate’s hobby is to read books and he/she is applying for a content writer’s role, you are half way down to finding a right employee. To analyse whether the applicant is saying the truth, you can ask them more questions about their hobby.


How long do you expect to work for this company?
The answer to this straightforward question will help you analyze whether the candidate is looking for a long career or joining your organization just for some experience. The candidates might lie by giving a false time-span, let’s say 5 years. But, you can figure it out by observing their body language and their way of answering this question.


What Is Your Salary Expectation?
This is a question which requires a very careful response from the candidates. If a candidate talks in figures he is greedy and working only for money irrespective of his/her own growth and development in the organization.

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Do You Want To Ask Us Something About The Company?
The answer to this question will show you the candidate’s level of interest and how well they have prepared for the interview. You can analyse whether the candidate is really interested in working for your company or not.


Why Do You Want To Change Your Job?
The answer to this question will let you know whether the candidate is a bad employee or is just managing his/her career. You will be able to gauge into several things like quality, maturity, confidence, and truthfulness.

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When Could You Start?
Sometimes it makes the applicant too desperate and sometimes they counter the question by asking when would you want them to join. It shows how eager and excited the candidate is to join your company. It also shows their level of interest in working as a part of your organization.

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The questions which I have mentioned above will be very helpful to evaluate your potential candidate. Feel free to mention your thoughts on this topic in our comment box. For any hiring queries, log on to our website.

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