Why Knowing How To Use Online Recruitment Effectively Could Save Your Career [Infographic]

Howsoever much one employs traditional methods of hiring, whether it be through headhunters or hoarding and magazine advertisements, the online recruitment process as a means to catch job seekers looking for greener careers is here to stay. Online recruiting not only eases the hiring process by making it easier to post hundreds of job openings in one go, but also facilitates effective follow-up with the numerous candidates applying for them. In this infographic, we have tried to highlight and elaborate the various aspects related to the online recruitment process.

Online Recruitment

It can thus be seen that although the scale of online recruiting process can sometimes boggle the mind, the key elements such as transparency, face-to-face interaction as well as the larger pool of vacancies that job seekers can apply for are still pertinent enough to make it the best recruitment system. The only way that businesses and companies can stay afloat in this age of cut-throat competition where headhunters are always on the look out for talented individuals looking to shape a meaningful career, is to use online recruitment effectively and in a way that serves their interest in the most economical way. On the other hand, talented individuals should be more creative in the way they reach out to recruiters and ask for a job. For example, here is a tactic to get a job through LinkedIn.

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– Design : Bhivraj Sul, Design team @Aasaanjobs

Contributor: Sourabh Biswas

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