This Diwali Encourage Employee Engagement And Bonus Program

These days very few companies give out Diwali bonus to their employees, earlier many companies used to follow this practice of giving a bonus in Diwali. As the time is passing Diwali bonus is losing its virtue among the employees. When it comes to creating a more engaged workforce, nothing compares to a well-managed incentive and bonus program for employees.


This Diwali gives performance bonus to your productive employees, an incentive bonus can make your employees more dedicated towards their work and be productive. So here are some practices which you can follow to encourage employee engagement program by giving the bonus in a different way.

The Performers

Giving Diwali bonus on your employee’s performance criteria is the best way to reward them for their hard work. This can be used for rewarding sales and marketing employees of your company. These employees are responsible for generating revenue for your company. Set a milestone of a specific amount and whoever achieves it, reward them. For instance, if an employee has brought in Rs. 2,00,000 revenue in a year, he/she deserves a bonus to ensure that their performance is repeated.


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I am sure that once in a year you will come across employees who are ambitious about their career. These employees are the best brains of your organization, retaining them can maintain the productivity of your organization for a longer time. Show them the right way of growing within the organization, give them educational support to master their skills, knowledge, and ability. Provide a generous tuition reimbursement program as a Diwali bonus for those who wish to earn college degrees or any other professional certificate.


Well, this was about rewarding employees as Diwali bonus. It is also important to engage them, below I have mentioned some interesting ways to do it. Have a look!

Gift Programs

Give gifts to your employees this Diwali like a small card  which should have a personal note of gratitude. Going to each and every employee and saying thanks will seem very weird, a note of gratitude will make them happy. These gifts can also come in Diwali bonus category so it is a good idea. These gifts don’t need to be expensive, a useful gift like power bank (portable charger), watch or a bag will be appropriate.


Health Care

The rising cost of health care facilities has worried a lot of people and your employees too. Providing health care benefits such as cancer care, vision, and dental benefits, and hospital indemnity plans for employees and their families could be the best way to give out Diwali bonus.


Game Of Thrones

I am sure you must be wondering what do I mean by this, let me tell you it is nothing related to the famous TV series which comes in your mind. This is an idea to give employees their favorite throne (desired seat) as a Diwali bonus. Organize games or competitions for your employees on Diwali, in which the employees can either win or lose their favorite seat. For many employees, workstation matters a lot and getting a chance to sit on their favorite workstation can make them more productive.


I am sure that this blog will definitely help you to conduct a unique employee engagement program and give bonuses in an innovative way. If any such unique idea is spinning in your head then please share it in our comment box below.

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