Say Goodbye To Candidate Background Verification With Aasaanjobs

Candidates who do not turn out to be what they say while employee recruitment process cause huge losses to the companies. What’s more, the number of such instances have also risen, going from 10.5% in 2014 to 11.6% in 2015, with discrepancies in some or the other kind of information such as name, educational background, skill sets mentioned etc. In such a scenario, companies not only lose money that they had spent in  hiring, but also on the additional funds poured into training the candidate.Candidate background check is necessary to avoid such loses. The candidates too face an emotional setback when told that they are being laid off after just a few weeks into their job, especially when they might have made an honest mistake.

[bctt tweet=”The number of instances of fraudulent and faulty job applications have risen, going from 10.5% in 2014 to 11.6% in 2015, which is a huge cause of concern. ” username=”Aasaanjobs”]

Not anymore.

Aasaanjobs is now on the road to create what would be “a one stop solution that encompasses employee recruitment and verification for all employers, powered by background screening companies which can augment a job seeker’s profile. Vetting information such as skills, educational background, history, ID proof, address proof, Aadhar verification etc., will enable worthy candidates to appear more trustworthy to employers and help them secure suitable jobs.”, as covered by Times of India and Financial Times.

The new move to provide verified candidates is massively going to move the market in terms of elevating trust on candidates being hired, a crucial part in the core operations of many employers. Background screening companies are incentivised based on the number of candidates they profile, thus improving the overall entry level employee recruitment ecosystem.

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As a norm currently, employers conduct candidate background checks only after the candidate has been selected, which takes 7 days or even up to a month to get completed. By this time, it is a heavy burden on both sides if the company has to let go of the candidate. With pre-verified candidates, employers can bid goodbye to the hassle of conducting background checks on candidates. thus saving on hiring and training costs, and bring more trust to their hiring.

To know more about this new feature, do visit the Aasaanjobs website!

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