Right Ways To Conduct An Interview – Part 2

Interviewing candidates is almost like an art. You must ask questions that evoke the type of answers you need in order to determine who is a good fit for the position and the company. If you have missed the first part of this blog, you can find it just by clicking here. In the continuation of our previous blog, presenting an addition of a few more tips on conducting an interview in a right way. These tips will surely help you to organize and execute a smooth recruitment process. Have a look!  


Make Your Candidate Comfortable
Some candidates find job interviews stressful. Make them comfortable by asking if they would like to have a cup of coffee or tea. Asking about the applicant’s commute to the interview or how his/her day has been are good ice-breaking questions. Inform the candidates about the recruitment milestones, so he knows what the next steps will be. As the candidate seems comfortable talking to you, start the interview process.


Be Conversational
People love it when they are listened to.Don’t monopolize the conversation, it will leave your candidate with several doubts in their mind. Having a true two-way conversation puts the applicant at ease and lets them know that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them.


Do Your Homework!
Research about your candidate, this is the best thing which you can do to get to know them. Check out their social media profiles to determine if the candidate will fit the position as well as the company culture. You could also go through their resume prior to the interview and prepare questions accordingly.


Avoid Distractions
While conducting an interview, make sure you don’t distract the candidate by answering calls or working on your laptop. You can schedule your meetings/work accordingly before or after the interview. The candidate needs your 100% attention during the interview process. This keeps them focused and they are able to talk about their skills and qualifications without hesitating.


Provide Closure
This is very important from a candidate’s perspective.Let the candidates know about the interview result, whether they are selected for the job or not. If a candidate failed to fit the bill, let them know what they lack in and how they can improve upon it.


I’m hoping you will remember these tips while conducting interviews in the future. Register with Aasaanjobs to interview only the best candidates. Till then, Happy Interviews!

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