Right Ways To Conduct An Interview – Part 1

Hey there, all the folks who are in charge of hiring people. This blog is for those who want to recruit best candidates in their company. We are also aware of the responsibilities you bear for successfully conducting the interview process. Proper preparing of the interview questions increases the chances of finding the right candidate for the organization. Here are some tips and techniques for conducting an interview.

Understand What You Need From The Candidate
Apart from asking qualification and experience identify the candidate’s ability to fulfill the company’s critical need. Create a list which is needed to fulfill the open job position and evaluate your candidate’s qualification and skills with it. Determine whether the candidate’s qualities is in line with your company culture. Tailor everything in your selection process finding the perfect person to solve that critical business need.


Explain The Process To Every Interviewee
There should be no surprises, no tricks and no uncertainties for the candidate. A candidate should know where and when the interview will be taken. They should also know who is going to take their interview.


Always Ask Follow-Up Questions To Your Candidate
Follow up questions helps to get more detailed answers. Listen to the answer and ask how? Or when? Or why? Follow-up questions make you go into the details of the candidate’s previous job experience and where his/her interest lies in. A genuine candidate will be able to answer these follow-up question easily.


Spend Much Time In Answering Candidate’s Questions
Great candidates ask questions to evaluate you, your company and whether they really want to work for you.

Brown haired woman talking to her interviewers in bright office

Describe The Next Steps Of The Recruitment Process To Your Candidate
Before the candidates ask you, tell them the next or rest of the process after the interview.


Sense, Check With Spectators Of Your Company
Try to find out the behaviour of your candidate with the receptionist and while he/she was waiting in the lobby.


Conduct One More Interview
Your experience of interviewing people is hard earned, it is easy to find a right candidate but not always. So if you have any doubt on hiring a particular candidate, set the second round of interview to be sure. 

Businesswoman Interviewing Male Candidate For Job

Cross Check With The Contact References Given By The Candidate
A reference list is hand-picked, contact the references which candidate provides.


Study The Resume Of Your Candidate
A lot of employers glance at the resume just a couple of minutes before, which is not appropriate. You should have a serious look at the candidate’s resume and compile a list of intelligent questions.


Ensure The Interview Duration
Make sure that the interview shouldn’t be too short or too long. Candidate should answer all the questions which you have prepared without feeling rushed.

Waiting for an interview

Stay tuned for the next part……..

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