Relocation From Rural To Urban Areas [Infographic]

“…we cited provisional figures of the NSSO (64th round, 2007-2008) to say that 67.6% of urban migration in Maharashtra was from within the state itself…2.4 lakh people had migrated to Mumbai from other areas of the state…”

– Madhavi Rajadhyaksha, ‘70% migrants to Mumbai are from Maharashtra’, Times of India

A recurring theme in debates involving the topics of employment and urban planning is rural to urban migration of the people. A cathartic discussion on such an important issue is, however, regularly lost to diatribes against migrants by entities playing vote bank politics, as well as to the excessive media coverage accorded to such entities. Although agriculture still accounts for the lion’s share of the workforce (around 49%), its contribution to the economy has steadily declined from 1951 to 2001. Simultaneously, the boom in the service sector has spurred the demand for labour, and hence greater job opportunities. Urban areas also provide vast scope for employment in the industrial, trade and transport sectors. Low wages and seasonal nature of the occupation coupled with other socio-political factors have led to an increase in the number of people doing rural to urban migration as well as to other rural areas.

 Relocation or migration data of Mumbai Aasaanjobs infographic

One can say for certain based on the data above that rural to urban migration is still the preferred path for many rural job seekers looking to enhance their standard of living. However, the decision to shift to a new place from a familiar one, away from established social ties and homes, still appears daunting so as to deter people from claiming a better life for themselves. We conducted a survey in Shiposhi, a small village in Ratnagiri district, to understand the reasons for people willing to relocate, but unable to do so.

Relocation Mumbai AasaanjobsThis survey was an eye opener in many ways. This lack of any support or guidance mechanism as well as a general lack of information contribute towards bad effects of rural urban migration and discouraging more candidates than reasons like leaving behind their agricultural land and homes, social and cultural differences etc.

This fear of the unknown is something that could be addressed quite effectively, and as a part of the Aasaanjobs Rural-Urban Integration (RUI) Programme, we are striving to do exactly that. Candidates who have lesser job opportunities in their respective towns or villages and genuinely want to relocate are brought to Mumbai, provided temporary accommodation for a week during which several job interviews are lined up for them. Once they are placed, any other assistance that they might need – from traveling in Mumbai to finding a permanent accommodation – is also given.

The Constitution of India empowers the citizen to travel to any part of the country in order to seek gainful employment. To ensure that this provision for ordinary job seekers is not lost to an absence of information and opportunities, it is imperative to set up a system in order to facilitate rural to urban migration for those yearning to achieve a better standard of living, so that talks of inclusive growth do not remain merely a pipe dream.

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