Why Referral Hiring Could Be The Gamechanger In Recruitment [Infographic]

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.

– Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Referrals happen everyday. Referrals build new friendships.

Be it eating out or shopping, checking out a new song or a movie, borrowing money to pay for a COD order or to put up a proxy attendance on your behalf – one always remembers one’s friends to enjoy their company or in times of need. In fact, it can now be proved that a referral by a friend may also be the best way to get a job. Much more so, in fact, than even job boards!

Referrall hiring infographic Aasaanjobs

Employers need to seize this opportunity and involve social networking and technology to make employee referral program a major part of their recruiting process. This would not only help them in getting more visibility as a brand, but also in getting more relevant leads. This would naturally culminate in aiding the companies to make smart hiring decisions, as well as to engage and retain their workers more effectively.

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