9 Quick Courses To Do To Start Working

Professional courses are increasingly becoming a beginner’s stepping stone towards a particular field, as well as a popular way to gather some skills under the belt. Some of them are also taken up by working professionals to brighten up their CVs or take up a new, challenging role in their company.

There can be no doubt that a job seekers’ market is rife with cutthroat competition, where multiple candidates apply for any work profile as soon as it is listed. In such a situation, professional courses contribute significantly to an individual’s repertoire of skills, making him stand out from the rest of the candidates. We list a few professional courses here.

1. Digital Marketing course

 With the advent of smart technology and the growing role electronic devices play in our everyday lives, digital marketing has become an indelible part of the manner in which companies function. It is imperative for businesses today to engage in online brand building.

digital marketing course Aasaanjobs

Eligibility: Undergraduates/graduates from any stream

Fees: Rs. 12000

Duration: 1-month full time, 2 months part time

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Eligibility: 10+2

Fees: Rs. 9000

Duration: 2 months full-time, 4 months part time

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Eligibility: Prior technical or marketing knowledge

Fees: Rs. 15000

Duration: 2 months full-time, 4 months part time

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2. Accountancy course

Accountancy is a professional course which is much need in companies who deals more with finance. This is for those who feel comfortable around numbers and financial statements.

Accounting course Aasaanjobs

Eligibility : 10+2 pass

Fees: Rs. 8500

Duration: 2 months

Eligibility: B.Com

Fees:  Rs 14, 600

Duration: 10 months

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3. Desktop Publishing course

Aesthetics plays an especially important role in the branding exercise. It allows businesses to create a wide range of printed material, which can be used in books, magazines as well as retail packages, hoardings and other promotional items. It is for this reason that DTP designers are widely in demand.

Desktop Publishing Course Aasaanjobs

Eligibility: 10th pass

Fees: Rs. 5000

Duration: 3 months

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4. MS-CIT Training course

One of the most popular short courses in the field of information technology (IT), it is offered by several institutes to fulfill the widespread demand for tele-callers and data entry operators.

course Telemarketing Aasaanjobs

Eligibility: 10th pass

Fees: Rs. 3350

Duration: 3 months

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5. Export Trade Industry course

Exports play a crucial role in sustaining the manufacturing sector of India’s economy, and with the government paying special attention to this industry the demand for export-import management executives promises to increase. After the completion of this short course, one can even think of starting an independent import-export business!

Export trade industry course Aasaanjobs

Eligibility : 10 +2 pass

Fees: Rs. 21,850

Duration: 4 months

6. Retail Management course

It deals essentially with saving the time and effort of a customer while buying goods and products and helping them make an informed decision. It includes everything from drawing a customer to the store and effectively fulfilling their buying requirements. It is a professional development course. With the introduction of FDI in retail, this sector is bound to see a lot of activities as far as job opportunities are concerned.

Retail management course Aasaanjobs

Eligibility : 10 + 2 pass

Fees: Rs. 20,000

Duration: 6 months

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7. Fashion Merchandising course

It includes all the aspects of the fashion business, from product development to promotion and sales of fashion apparel. A person with a relevant degree in this field will find many job opportunities with textile manufacturers, fashion designers or retail outlets.

Fashion retailing and merchandising

Eligibility: 10+2

Fees: Rs. 35000

Duration: 6 months

8. Yoga course

Yoga has become a global phenomenon, what with United Nations adopting 21st June as the International Yoga Day. With the entire world acknowledging the effectiveness of this ancient Indian physical, mental and spiritual practise, there is a widespread demand for trained Yoga instructors in schools and communities alike.

yoga course Aasaanjobs

Eligibility: None, should be above 16 years of age

Fees: Rs. 10,000

Duration: 1 month

9. Applied HR course

HR professionals are responsible for ensuring a conducive atmosphere in the office so as to draw maximum productivity from the employees of the company. There is a persistent need for functionally skilled HR professionals in the corporate world. So, this professional course can be beneficial to you.

Human resource course Aasaanjobs

Eligibility: Graduate from any stream

Fees: Rs. 18,500

Duration: 12 months

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