Question Interviewers Should Quit Asking Their Candidates

Employers are often seen complaining about how it is difficult to find good employees.
However, most employers fail to look within to figure out what is wrong with their own recruitment process. They delude themselves that they are being righteous and businesslike when they ask a few questions which are not really indicative of anything substantial pertaining to the job.


Do you have children or plan to?
You should evaluate any candidate purely for the value addition he/she would make to the organization based on his skills. Questions like these not only put the candidate in an awkward position but also give away an indication that the employer intends for the candidate to not have a work life balance.


Where Do You See Yourself In Next Five Years?
It is the most common question interviewers ask their candidates.  Interviewers ask this question to evaluate candidate’s tenure in the company. If the candidate is not planning to stay for longer time, he/she will end up lying. Instead directly ask them what they want to be in future and explain to them how they can grow within the organization.

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Why Should We Hire You?
This is a question where most employers can expect the candidates to praise themselves and thus pointless. I believe the interviewer should assess the candidate themselves to decide whether the candidate is actually fit for the role or not.  Ask job relevant question to your potential candidate, their answers will tell you why they should be hired.


What Would Your Past Managers Say About You?
This question asks job seekers to praise themselves because no one would like to talk about bad things which your past manager has said. Talking about your candidate’s ex-boss thoughts about them doesn’t really makes so much sense instead, ask smart questions which will evaluate where the candidate understands the company’s business and their way of working. It will help you to make a right decision.


What’s Your Race, Religion or Caste?
Asking any candidate questions related to their race, religion or origin should not be done. The candidate could get offended by this question and it might create a problem for you and your organization.Nationality, religion or race should never play a part in the decision-making process.


Do You Drink Or Smoke?
Ask yourself whether this question is relevant for getting the job which you are providing, you’ll have the answer. It would be a matter of concern to you, as an employer, if the candidate came drunk to work, else it’s best to keep personal and professional lives separate.


These were some questions which are silly and uncalled for questions asked during interviews. If you’ve been asked questions that are even weirder, share them with us in the comment box below.

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