Q&A Session With Mr. Kanwal Rekhi [Infographic]

Mr. Kanwal Rekhi visited the Aasaanjobs office on 30th March 2015, where he entertained questions from our team on the scenario of employment and entrepreneurship in India.

Mr. Kanwal Rekhi emphasized how important it was for the Government to roll out a red carpet for investors all over the world, particularly now when the culture of entrepreneurship in India is booming and with people leaving high-paying jobs to start their own ventures. An entrepreneur’s role would be crucial in generating employment as well as a high growth rate so that India’s realizes and capitalizes on its potential.

However, Mr. Kanwal Rekhi also added a word of caution for budding entrepreneurs, particularly in view of the on-demand start ups that have gained momentum in today’s time, where a start-up can go on for years without turning a profit and still get investment. He said that the basic tenets of economics must be adhered to, and a break-even point must always be the ultimate aim of an entrepreneur  to reinforce the foundation of the company or it will be perish, which is what happened when the dot com bubble burst.

We did some digging around and came across some numbers which show that there has been a lag in the number employment growth and the labour force growth. To counter the present economic scenario of India outlined in the infographic below, there is an urgent need to create jobs in both the service and manufacturing sector.

Kanwal Rekhi Infographic AasaanjobsTo hire skilled and assessed candidates for a startup you own, consider visiting the Aasaanjobs website for a hassle free hiring experience.

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