Productive Offices Of The Future

Work can be tiring and stressful at times. One needs to refresh their mind to be productive at work. There are many initiatives taken by the HR department in offices to make the workplace happier and more productive. The start-ups these days even have a sleeping room, game room to let the employees rejuvenate from a particularly tiring day!
Here are some examples of how the productive offices of future will possibly look.

Psychology Of Colours
Colours have a psychological effect on our mind,especially at a subconscious level. Companies use the most appropriate colours in their offices to make their employees feel happy and make them more focused. So the future offices will be strategically painted keeping this in mind. For example, the colour green is linked to broader thinking, growth, and creativity.


Hot Desking
Laptops and wifi have made it possible for people to move away from being stuck to their own desk. This has enabled the concept of “Hot Desking” which simply means that anybody can sit anywhere in the office.


Natural Lights
Scientifically, using natural lights in offices increases productivity. If your office is windowless and with less natural light, you would be more prone to sleep. An office with a big glass window, having a good view, stimulates your creativity and thought process.


Having Plants in Office
Researchers have found that adding plants and greenery in an office can help increase the employee’s productivity by 15%. Some companies have even started investing in planting trees and increasing greenery around the office to help make their employees happier and healthier.


Change In Management Approach
Many attempts for change in management work have been made but very few are adopted to make the management work smoothly. Explaining the organization’s goals, strategies, metrics, its evolving brand and culture to every employee can ensure a successful, and transformative outcome. The graph which I have mentioned below is the pattern which every organization must follow to boost productivity.


Evolving Apps
While email and the Microsoft suite are still heavily used by employees, the future of the business world seems to be different. People are now adopting the google equivalents of the Microsoft suite purely for the ease of accessibility. Making real-time edits which can be communicated to all is also possible when you use the google docs, sheets. Skype, EverNote, Card-munch, and BillMinder are some more apps which are grabbing a lot of eyeballs in the corporate world.


These were a few examples of how the offices in future will be more productive. If you have any ideas around the same, please add comments!

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