Weekends And How To Optimise Them

For long weekends and holidays, the financial year 2015-2016 seems to be a good one. Such extended weekends offer a good opportunity to explore the nearby countryside, drive a Sumo across wild terrains, take up that spa package, hit a love nest with your paramour, visit your hometown, or in some cases catch up on all those hours of sleep you lost in your pursuit to become the Performer Of The Week in your office. In fact, a little tact and planning could yield you more than 50 holidays. We have taken the liberty to do the hard work and come up with the list of extended weekends you can probably extricate from your work schedule in 2015-16. Also, do not forget to book all trains and flight tickets well in advance to beat the rush, since it’s a weekend for everyone!

Have a happy vacation during your weekends!

Office Extended Weekend Leave Cheet Sheet Aasaanjobs

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