In The Boss’s Arms

“Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.”

Amidst a thousand other ways to define romance, this definition makes the most sense to me as it breaks such a powerful feeling in two simple forces that push us into doing way more than we would otherwise. However, workplace romance is a different ballgame altogether. No doubt it is a tricky territory to tread into but isn’t all that bad either. There is too much hearsay about the cons, so we will try to focus on the benefits of loving and living at your workplace.

1. The Myth of an Office Slut

Office slut AasaanjobsIt is a fact that a girl involved in a love affair at work is often tagged as the office slut.

Let me tell you a story that refutes this claim. A tall, slim, gorgeous friend of mine was involved in office dating, she went on and on for over two hours about how easy her work life has become since the time she met her life partner a couple of feet away from her desk. Sleazy men started to back off, her work was appreciated for real, the senior designation she held for almost a year suddenly meant more to people around. It’s sick but true that men respect such women more than a spinster. There were, of course, a few eyes raised on how her fiancé now, got her being nothing out of ordinary. Eh, but who cares!

2. Gaining Acceptance

Gaining acceptance Aasaanjobs office romanceIt is not just about the unexpected acceptance a woman gains in a male dominated surrounding. Someone once narrated an incident of how exhilarating it was to work in the same office as her partner. They both knew and understood each other’s routine and work demands and hence were more empathetic towards each other. It also increased the motivation to work harder, better and ensured dedication as both wanted things to not alter. If you are honest towards your work, the gain in respect amongst peers is inevitable.

3. The Inside Story

Office romance break up AasaanjobsI remember how shocking it was to learn about once, most envied college couple’s break-up soon after they landed a job in the same company. Rumor has it, the reason behind this split was the opportunity to observe her from close quarters. She was impatient, rude and sometimes disrespectful. The “ex-girlfriend” also had a habit of carrying work baggage back from office. He was unwilling to spend his life with someone who was incapable of maintaining a basic balance in life. Romance in officefor him sure did not start, nevertheless it helped him set one decision right for his life.

What it really takes are a few fundamental ground rules. Office dating takes both partners to conduct themselves in an intelligent and mature manner. It’s not rocket science to judge that this kind of an arrangement is not for egoistic people. Such people will completely complicate this. However, if done right, it could be a way of getting unconditional support at workplace and result in a fulfilling life.

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