Laying The Foundation Stones Towards Starting Your Own Business

Thanks to Sourabh Biswas, I am writing this blog and trust me I am no good at this stuff. He would come up to me and ask about the status of the blog post, to which I would respond “Not started bro!”. He would then go to his desk and send something stupid to me – something like this to be precise (trending on Facebook some time ago).

Kayam Churan starting business

Being Kayam Churan is such a difficult task – you need to live up to everyone’s expectation and get shit done. Anyway, the topic I am writing on today is “The foundation stone towards starting your own business”. Well I have not done a PhD on such topics but can surely share a bit from my experience so far. I would finish this one quickly without taxing your brains much, not a big fan of long blogs myself. Here we go!

I will tell you about 3 bricks and a thread on how to start your own business.

1. The Idea brick

Ideas Starting Your Own Business

An Idea. Woah! That is a contagious word. This word has destroyed many a lives, saved some and changed it for many others. Just these four letters. An idea necessary for starting your own business.

When we were kids, we would all draw the same ol’ two hills, with the sun rising or setting (I am confused now), a small river flowing down, a small hut with a tree by its side and birds flying in the sky. I do not know who it was that got this idea to draw such a picture initially, but it was contagious. Every kid or adult I know still draws this stupid painting in this entire country. See? I told you ideas are contagious, some one had it and it spread like a plague. We all followed it. Have ideas that solves a problem and is contagious, like this idea of drawing two hills solved problem of drawing something quickly. Conceptualize an idea and work on it, and maybe you will end up making beautiful landscapes someday.


2. The Team brick

Team Starting your own business

Hire people who justify the role! Hiring IITians for simple job profiles like data entry or telecalling would be like having a 1000cc engine on a mere Luna. Both the engine and the Luna will not do justice to each other.

A lot of startups hire IITians just because they are IITians. They do not think much about the role and if the person they are hiring justifies the responsibility or not. IITians are costly people. If you are in the building phase of a business plan, avoid costly people unless very important ( except may be tech).

IITians are amazing creatures. However it is not because they are problem solvers. It is because they were groomed in an environment which involved problem solving at multiple steps. They were taught to take risks. Any other smart person should be equally capable, which is what I strongly believe.


3. The Decision brick

Decision Starting Your Own Business

You should be good in decision making for starting your own business. However, decisions are tough. Trust me they are. I still get shivers down my spine whenever the waiter hands me over the menu to order something. Making decisions is a daunting task. However, what needs to be done, needs to done. I suggest the following – distance yourself from the decision you are taking and do a summation of all the parameters which will go into making the decision and objectively decide if the outcome will be benefit you or not. For example – should I order Butter Naan or Rumali Roti, or whether I should order Paneer Tikka or Chicken Masala. No matter how tasty Butter Naan with Chicken Masala might be, if you have enrolled for a rigorous gym routine you will not go for it.

Not everything which looks tempting is suppose to be good!


4. The Thread

Thread Starting your own business

Ever saw a mason placing the bricks side by side in line with a thread? If you did, you saw a flat, a home, a building being made which will stand for next 100 years or so. You could never believe a feeble thread will give a direction to something as strong as a brick, right?

It is the same with the attitude. Build one to give direction, build one to not look at negative side ever. Like Steve jobs, have your own reality distortion field. You never know, this feeble thread might shape what would then stand for years to come.


That’s it from my side. If you can, however, contribute with more bricks to this foundation, we would surely like to hear from you in the comments section below!


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