Is Finding The Right Job Like Hunting For A Soulmate?

“Do you believe in soulmates?”

It’s an age-old saying that everyone has a soulmate, that someone somewhere is meant for you.

Look around you. How many people end up finding that one special person who is a perfect match?

Scary right?

We think we have the right idea and try our best, before settling with someone who is a close match. When it comes to a soul mate, expectations are sky high indeed. Likewise, theoretically every job should have a soul mate candidate, who is best suited to justify job responsibilities with pride, conviction and natural comfort.

The employer spends valuable time and resources towards making this match. He invests in training & knowledge transfer to induct new hires as a well-greased cog into his organizational system. Durability of this matchmaking, however, takes a hit when the new employee leaves at the first sight of an incremental raise in salary or for a job closer to employee’s habitat. Alas, if only there existed a ‘Halo tracking GPS’ or a mystic ‘Caribbean Pirates Compass’ that could lead you straight into the stable open arms of your better half!

While people are Truly Madly and Tinderly working towards one such platform for love seekers, we at Aasaanjobs are closer to solving the second problem of making a sustainable match between an entry level job opening and a candidate.

Wading through the entry level job ecosystem

Now hiring entry level workers Aasaanjobs

Entry level jobs in our ecosystem vary widely from that of a delivery boy, a food packer, or a driver requiring bare minimal reading skills to that of a counter boy, a receptionist or an executive assistant requiring basic level of grooming and fluent spoken English skills. Then there are even those who require specialized skill sets like a data entry operator powered with MS Excel, a desktop publishing guy savvy with COREL, or a junior accountant who functions faster on TALLY than your eyes can keep a track of. Employer expectations out of an entry level placement are biased more towards sustainability and proficiency in primary skill over multitude of other less contributing yet important factors like work-experience, culture fit, grooming, formal education and so on.

Ek Anaar Sau Beemar: Automation in matchmaking

Pomegranate technology assessment Aasaanjobs

With quotes such as “Matching job creation with industry demand is the key to end unemployment” and “In the coming years, India will be biggest supplier of workforce to the world”, Prime Minister Modi has been vociferous and proactive in his intent towards creating more jobs within the country. It’s not difficult to do the math behind approximating 20 million people in our country attaining the ‘employable age’ every year. This sets the stage and opens up a huge potential for not only match-making but counseling job seekers to find a way out of the unemployment dungeon.

Matching a job and a candidate sounds absurd without understanding candidate’s preferences and underlying skills. The massive volume of job seekers demand automation and objective processes for assessment. To be frank, to create automated assessments for an audience where some people haven’t even given an exam in his lifetime, let alone use a computer, initially felt like bullshitting ourselves. Driven by the belief that “all humans are different” guided us at Aasaanjobs towards understanding and assessing behavioral skills that differentiate people.

We empowered our system to recognize and register more than 150 identifiable skills. These skill ratings feed into our cutting edge recommendation engine “ the GTForce20”, which not only quantizes soft skills like interaction, presentability, integrity, dedication etc in a candidate, but also considers a host of other matchmaking factors including commute time, salary range, shift timings and so on.

There you go.  Entry level Hiring. Simplified. To witness these innovations firsthand, do visit

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