How To Ensure Employee Retention Through A Strategic Onboarding Process

One of the top most concerns of a good recruiter is to find qualified candidates and retain them in the organisation. Once you find the right candidate, you’re only half way down to achieving the result you want. The other part is successfully onboarding the candidate. You need to develop a strategic onboarding process in order to attract the right people and to engage them by showing the stairway to success. There are many things that a successful onboarding process includes, we have mentioned few of them below.

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Onboarding Before Hiring
A successful onboarding process starts before a candidate is actually hired for the post. Onboarding is a process of welcoming a new hire into your company, the exposure to your company culture begins at the recruitment process. Your recruitment strategies should go hand in hand with your company culture. If it is not so, the candidates coming to your organisation can experience a culture shock. Remember, a positive first impression can go a long way in improving your employee retention numbers.


Be Proactive, Timely and Impactful
The onboarding process must be well timed and impactful. Sufficient information should be provided about the organisation in a timely manner throughout the onboarding process. Remember that a very short onboarding process with a lot of information can overwhelm the candidate while a very long process can make them feel disinterested and quit during the training process itself.

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Sell Your Organisation
It is very important to give your new hires a taste of your company’s culture. Your new employees must feel comfortable in adapting to the company’s culture in order to be productive. While interviewing the candidates take some time out to explain your beliefs, behaviour and practices that makes your organization special. Share your work culture with the candidates to enable them to visualize whether they would fit into your organization or not.

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Train With Clear Purpose
Employees remain loyal to their company with the employers have invested time to train and develop their skills. The training process for the new hires should commence immediately on joining and should be well structured. Figure out how much the new hires already know about your organization, once it’s done make them aware of the company’s various programs. Programs like career path advancement, best practices, how to use technology and other equipment which are provided and goal setting sessions should be covered while onboarding a candidate.


Network Building
The onboarding process helps the new employee make essential connections which they will need for a successful and long tenure in your organization. Encourage the new hires to build a good rapport with their colleagues. Involve them and make them feel a part of your organization to retain them for a long time.


Mentor And The New Hire
Provide the new hire with a mentor, an experienced employee who can provide insight and guidance regarding leadership, skills, and career development. Make them comfortable by providing guidance at every step the new employee learns. If there is no appropriate employee in the organization, provide them with the access for a professional association that offers opportunities to connect with external mentors.

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Feedback And Communication
Provide the new hire with a one-month work plan and give a formal check in order to measure the progress of the employee. Give them feedback about their work and how they can improve on it. Follow up the new hire with a stable performance review process, it helps the high performing employees to stay engaged and connected by giving them a picture of their future path. Performance review will consist the feedback about their work, ideas, and contributions for making the potential changes.


These were some effective practices to ensure employee retention in your organization through a strategic onboarding process. What strategies do you use while onboarding a new employee? If you have some ideas to retain employees, please share it with us in our comment box. 

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