How To Deal With Irritating Co-Workers

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715-85No matter how cool your office culture is, every employee will come across irritating colleagues in their office. At some point of time patience gives up and your aggressive side takes it over. Getting angry on your co-worker is not the solution to stop them from irritating you or others. You have to deal and work with them everyday in office, I know it’s the saddest part. You can’t change their irritating behaviour but you don’t deserve to tolerate them as well. If you change your way of interacting with such irritating colleagues can minimize the effect on you. Here are some tactics to deal with your obnoxious co-workers.

Stay Straightforward
Sometimes your colleagues acts strange or annoying without any reason, this might be because they are unknown about how it’s affecting you or nobody have ever had guts to tell them. It’s better to be straightforward rather than tolerating them, let them know how irritating they are. You not need to be aggressive to do this, all you need is to be genuine and hammer on the right time. This might not make them stop behaving weird but yes it will surely have an impact on their mind to regulate their annoying behaviour.


Find A Common Ground

Finding a common interest may help you for resolving this problem. Your irritating co-worker might talk non-sense all the time but sharing views on a common topic can help you to work with them peacefully.


Stay Calm and Positive
Your colleague might be bugging up your head every time, that feeling of being irritated can’t stand for long and make you to fight back. Hold on, if you look at the positive side there are some good qualities hidden inside everyone in office. You never know why an arrogant person of your office behaves that way, maybe he had a bad past in which people used to make fun of him/her. Focus on the positive side, it is much easier to ignore their annoying behaviour and to look on the values or qualities that person has.


Fake It Till You Make It
Ignorance is the bliss which every irritating people should get but ignoring them with a reason is a better option. You can ignore them by giving any fake reasons like you have a deadline to complete a work or saying ‘I have to make an important call’.


Laugh It Out Loud
Despite of making several efforts of ignoring there are times when it’s too hard to ignore an irritating colleague. Your sense of humour will definitely make the way out from this irritation. Try to crack joke on every sentence which comes out of your obnoxious co-worker’s mouth.


Appreciate Diversity
Everyone in this world are different, life would really be boring if everyone of us would be the same. Yeah I know it sounds very diplomatic but that is the fact, if everything on your mind fails to get rid off your irritating colleagues you need to accept diversity. Some people are meant to be stupid and dumb at the same time. It’s interesting, so watch them and get entertained.


Make Them Infamous
Share your experience with everyone about how irritating it is to deal with that particular co-worker. Make everyone aware about that infernal employee and make them infamous. Soon everyone would laugh at that person whenever he/she comes around.

These are some tactics you need to develop for dealing with your irritating co-worker. Feel free to mention more techniques which are there in your mind on dealing with such employees in our comment box below.

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