Simple Steps To Boost Your Organization’s Productivity

One of the major concerns of an employer is their employee’s satisfaction and happiness. We know for a fact now that a happy employee is far more productive than an unhappy one. The question now is that what can you do as an employer to ensure your employees are happy and productive at work. Here are some simple things you can do.


Working Walls
Having a clutter free desk is more important, a messed up desk muddles your employee’s mind. Those blank walls of your office which look really boring can be of great help here. Place a wall organizer (shelves) at an eye-height level and in an accessible location to keep essential documents safe. Put on the reminder notes to maintain the workflow according to the priorities. Wall-mounted file systems, stylish shelving units, and cubbies make your walls work.




Open Space
I’m currently working at Aasaanjobs. No one has a personal cabin here, not even my boss. Employees do not have to sit on their desk and work all day. There are plenty of open rooms where we can sit comfortable on a couch and work.

While designing your office, make sure that you have plenty of open space as well as closed rooms. Most of the employees are comfortable talking only to their team members. Open spaces in an office give all your employees an option to regularly interact with people from other departments as well. On the other hand, it encourages a culture which favours openness and above everything else an understanding of how the company works. It will help your employees to be more productive in the office.


Give Rewards
Appreciating your employees in office keeps them happy and motivated. Your company should adapt some kind of rewards and recognition program to let your employees know their hard work is appreciated. This can push all your employees to work harder.


Lights For Focusing
Make sure that your office has more of natural light falling in through the window. Natural light will prevent your employee’s eyes from squinting and straining from sitting in front of their computers for hours. Moreover, the office environment becomes more lively, making your employees feel energetic and productive.


Green For Growth
Adding some greenery at your office can be an extremely refreshing change from the otherwise dull environment full of files, computers, desks and chairs. Plants are a medium for boosting positivity, a symbol of growth, purity and strength. A set up of hanging and potted plants also adds to the aesthetics of your office and makes the ambience more lively.

A work in progress, but I certainly have more plants!

Break O’Clock
Encourage your employees to take short breaks in between their working hours to keep them active. Studies have proven that engaging in breaks and playing some games can really boost the creativity and productivity of the employees. Many offices today have table tennis, chess boards, and other such games to encourage short breaks.


Use Of Technology
A successful execution of the plan makes you productive while the business software helps you to analyze that success. Use of technology helps you to know about your business alignment and whether employees are working at their optimal level to maximize business productivity resulting in the best possible results.

home-office-336378_1920A successful execution of these tips can make your employees more productive and result in a happier workplace. What are the steps you have taken to improve productivity at your office? Do share them with us in the comment box below. To resolve any hiring queries, visit our website

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