The Internship Series – Part 1

Internship program can be extremely beneficial to a company. Their enthusiasm and out of the box ideas bring a new perspective as well as a renewed vigour in the working of the organisation. Some such interns in Aasaanjobs have suggested and taken ownership of some “Bazzinga” projects for the organisation’s as well as their personal growth. The startup entity recently got about 15 people in their internship training program and they have been put into different departments in the office.

Sarika Rawat, an IIT Bombay student, for instance, has come up with some novel marketing strategies, one of those being crowdsourcing photographs for a social media campaign, through a photography competition. The competition sought to showcase glimpses of job seekers and their struggle against all odds.

photography contest interns Aasaanjobs

Palash Oswal, the SVNIT guy of Aasaanjobs internship training program, bamboozled by the projects he was said to work on, says while talking about them, “ I am currently working on a few projects like SMS Navigation to facilitate candidates in reaching  the job interview location with the help of which candidates will get the info of turn by turn navigation in a SMS as per the Google Maps.  I am also working on a handy tool of push notifications of Google Cards to the candidates regarding their interviews.”

location sms interns Aasaanjobs

Saloni Agarwal, his colleague says, “I am working on the dashboard of internal tracking system by delivering graphs and reports of the company’s performance and have come up a graphical flow model of Aasaanjobs candidate stages.”

Every team is approaching and treating the people of internship program in an optimistic way, and feel that they are learning the bizz quickly while being interactive in the team at the same time. Though the interests of the interns might be miles apart but many of them now want to work with the organization as a full time employee.

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