How Performance And Rapport Can Help You Survive A Cut-Throat Workplace

Success is a very subjective term – a successful product, successful team, a successful venture, successful family, etc. The evolution of mankind forming the nature’s strongest creation was based upon its successes over every challenge that it faced. Hence, success, for individuals, is the most important aspect in their lives.

As mankind transcends traditions to adapt to the modern era where living and working is almost the same thing, progress is defined as a function of success, or work so to speak. It boggles a person’s mind every day and night to understand what will give him success. A population of almost 7 billion, every soul fighting its way up the ladder, hustling every day just to get that hint of success. 

Where Performance Is The Leading Light

So, what is success? You need to define this for yourself – the Rule No.1 of the game.

“But how do I manage to achieve it and hold it in my hand like a triumphant gladiator in the arena?”

triumphant gladiator office

That’s the question everyone wants to be answered. Let’s approach to the perspectives first.

Performance and rapport building are the key values towards achieving success. In the corporates, a cut-throat world, where your performance is evaluated at every juncture, mid-year reviews leading towards the end of year reviews notifies whether your actions or performance has led towards the growth of the project or not. I personally never worry about these reviews, instead worry about my performance every time. A TED talk by a very notable person taught me that if you want to achieve your goal, don’t think about it. In fact, short-term goals should lead you towards long-term goals and in turn towards your vision. All-in-all, just perform to the best of your capabilities with integrity and you will definitely get glowing reviews. The review that you perform upon thyself should be harder and scarier than the review your organization performs on you. Keep performing!

Can The Shadow Of Rapport Be Far Behind?

They say, “Selling is the best form of communication.” I agree.

tug of war office rapportThe modern era is just not about performance alone, but also about good communication and rapport building. If you want to climb higher, ensure that a successful career is at your side, then you must maintain a good Rapport with all the stakeholders you do business with.  I interviewed a few top stakeholders in my firm and found out that the average rating given to rapport building and peer bonding was an astonishing 7 out of 10. This ideally meant that the success of an individual did not only depend upon his performance alone but also on the rapport he shares with all the stakeholders of the firm. Although performance is still the key aspect but rapport is a strong supporting factor.

Rapport building is something that I definitely worry about. A world where getting things done gets you ahead, building rapport helps you a lot. Be it your client or your vendor, a customer or your supporter, fan or the person you follow, employer or your employee, the rapport that you share with that person builds your name as a successful person or a person that nobody likes.

There will always be people who hate you, agreed, and you really can’t do anything about it. But make sure that they remember your name very well because they are the people who will become your fans soon.

Performance and Rapport go hand-in-hand. So, perform and build a good rapport, in my opinion – make rapport building a part of your performance and soon you will see yourself climbing the heights of Valhalla.

“Performing with an unshakable faith inspiring everyone around him, he saw his destiny smiling.”

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