How Can Social Media Help Your Candidate Search

In recent times, social media is playing a major role in the recruitment process for companies. Promoting your job openings by posting ads on social media networks is a cost-effective way to engage with the good amount of job seekers. Numerous people use social networking sites for career research and job search. Many recruiters believe that social media is the smart way to find the best candidates. In this article I have mentioned how different social media networking sites can help you to search candidates for your organization.


Facebook has 1.65 billion users worldwide which makes it the most popular social media site. The most effective way to search for candidates on facebook is by creating a custom tab on your Facebook page for the job openings. Convert the career page from your company website into a Facebook tab to make the applicants click on the tab and land them on your website where sufficient information will be given before applying for a job. This is the most effective way to increase the number of candidates for your job postings.



LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site with over 90 million members worldwide. Managers choose LinkedIn as one of their top online platform for sourcing candidates. While candidates have also reported LinkedIn as one of the best platforms for networking and job hunting. Having a premium account on LinkedIn will allow you to use advanced search filters to find the right candidates. It also enables you to create job listings in the targeted region. Adding the job listings on your LinkedIn company page will let many job seekers find job opening opportunities which you are providing.



There are 310 million active users of twitter worldwide and simply tweeting about your job openings will give big exposure. A twitter user can retweet your post in order to help their friends who are looking out for openings. To find job listings, many applicants type their desired job title in the twitter search engine. Using hashtags like #jobs, #jobseeker or #hiring will help the applicants find your job post listings with ease. Using effective hashtags on your tweets can really help you in finding candidates.


Creating a video JD and promoting it on your company’s YouTube channel can attract a lot of job seeker’s attention. YouTube is not just for watching funny videos or new trailers, it is the second largest search engine and a great platform for all kinds of content. A well made video providing detailed description of the particular job on YouTube can also help job-seekers understand the role better and be well-prepared for the interview.


Unlike other social networking sites google+ enables you to get all the necessary user information like their qualification, education, and experience which is required for a job opening. If nothing else, simply posting jobs on Google+ makes your content part of the world’s largest search engine. With right amount of SEO work these posts can start appearing on google search results.


Pinterest is a great medium to make job applicants visualize themselves working with your company. Make a pinboard which explains the opportunity of the job post in your organisation. Use photos of the company, workers, and other innovative ideas to get the word out. These pictures will grab candidate eyeballs easily.


Have you been using social media platforms to hire new candidates in your company? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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