5 Ways To Handle An Angry Boss

Nothing is as terrifying than dealing with bad boss who is having a bad day to send everyone else in the office scurrying for cover. The reasons for an outburst from the boss may be myriad, ranging from you completely screwing up some project to his bread not getting toasted to perfection during breakfast, but the onus is ultimately on you, the subordinate, to set the things right. Here we list some creative methods on how to deal with angry/bad boss.

1. Buy them a Porsche

Porsche for boss Aasaanjobs

Nothing like a mean machine to calm the senses. Refrain, however, from cutting the brake lines.

2. Spike their morning drink with a li’l something

spiking boss's drink with a drug Aasaanjobs

Preferably after they have come back from the Porsche ride, because one shouldn’t be drinking and driving. However, during times of great duress, please feel free to switch the order at your discretion.

3. Secretly record their outburst and put it on Youtube

angry boss youtube Aasaanjobs

Who knows, you might one day have successful, money minting Youtube channel, which will gel well with your unemployed status.

4. Tell them of a co-worker who screwed up more

coworkers tattle tale Aasaanjobs

To get even for that one time they stole your sandwich from the fridge.

5. Complete your work on time

complete work of boss Aasaanjobs

The most foolproof, most underestimated method in dealing with boss. Fall back on this if the rest of the above fail.

However, if the last foolproof method fails as well, feel free to drop by our website to look for a better job!

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