Handholding Your Employee During Their Probation Period

The probation period is a mechanism to ensure that the selected candidate is qualified to perform the job he/she has been selected for. It is an opportunity to evaluate the new employee’s performance, commitment and other things which are required to judge their suitability for the job role. Necessary actions should be taken if the new employee fails to meet the requirements. The probation period is also an opportunity for the new employees to see if they like the work environment and if the job role is suitable for them. There are certain steps to be taken to make the new employees aware of the work they need to accomplish and help them understand organization better.


Setting The Standards
Always help the new hires while they are in their probation period. Provide them with the exact and clear job description, an overview of the general business practices and procedures. If they seem to be lacking in some areas, schedule the necessary training sessions to help them improve. Set up weekly or monthly review meetings where you can run through their progress report and provide them with some feedback.

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Training And Support
You have to set up a structured training process, provide guidance and give supervisory support to your employees in order to help them achieve the required standards of your organization. Discuss every problem that your new employees are facing and give them ideas to resolve their difficulties.


During the probation period of an employee, managers should schedule a formal series of weekly or monthly review meetings. These meetings sets them up for success in their positions. Early evaluations will let your employees know that you are interested in helping them achieve their goals. Keep a full and clear records of their work and provide them with constructive feedback.


Resolve Difficulties
Your primary purpose is to bring sustained improvement in your employee’s performance and ensure that they sufficient opportunities to achieve their targets. Firstly, understand that no transition is easy. Expecting new employees to get everything right will surely disappoint you. If your employee is facing any difficulty during the probation period, you should provide them with an immediate solution. Have a formal check on their work and ask if they need help. Be open and honest about your their shortcomings. Give the employees an opportunity to respond to better understand the reasons behind their problems.

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Extend The Probation Period
Allow the employees with more time to improve their performance in order to fulfill the requirements by extending their probation period. If an employee’s performance is unsatisfactory in some areas, more training and support can bring them up to par with the required standards.


Terms Of Extension
When it is agreed that probation period of the employee is extended, it is important to set up the terms of extension in writing. Clearly, state the reason and time-period of extension. The employee should meet the standard requirement of your company by the end of the extended probation period.


Employees wait desperately for their probation period to end and to see what is the outcome. If the employee’s probation period is satisfactory, you should inform them at final review meeting that their appointment is confirmed.


Handholding your employees in their probation period will make the employees understand your organization better. I hope this blog will help you to understand why providing new hires with guidance is necessary.

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