Men’s Fashion Etiquette In A Workplace

All businesses have one thing in common – interaction. People respond to how we are dressed, so remember to dress best!

Consciousness in men about fashion in work culture has always been a must. This not only defines their confidence but also the way he represents himself around an ambitious bunch of people, moving towards a single greater goal, to be a known entity. At every juncture, when he is subjected to the vision of that crowd, his work wear defines him. ‘Dress for your comfort and not to impress the crowd’ might be a cliche, but I disagree. I believe in dressing for comfort and also to impress the crowd.

As we traverse ahead in the modern times, we observe that the work culture has transformed into a more trendier yet less formal environment, where people don’t have to wear suits and ties but wear jackets and cool tee-shirts. This article won’t teach you how to transform your work clothing fashion sense or change the way you perceive fashion. It will give you a quick contrasting view between corporate slickness and startup funkiness.

The Corporate Fashion

The Coporate Wear Aasaanjobs fashion

The Suit and the Shirt

Fine tailored suit with pocket squares placed neatly at the left defines the looks at a corporate culture. The decency and the confidence greatly tailors “The Gentleman” status, once these suits are worn you won’t feel less than a formal fashionista yourself.

A well ironed shirt with the color in sync with the blazer as well as neat collars in different styles can go well with the entire formal attire. The suit and the shirt are the work clothes for people working in corporate sector.

The Tie

Tie Aasaanjobs fashion

The tie can really be the knockoff, in both sense. You can either carry on that Casanova look with a neatly made, brilliant in color and perfectly shaped tie or you ruin it all with any of the pointers improper with look you are trying to create.

A bow-tie is something that still needs to be thought off, is generally preferred more at parties and less at corporate offices.

The Pant

Trousers Aasaanjobs fire

This can either be a perfect setting with the blazer or the shirt, in either ways needs to totally contribute to the entire getup you are building upon.

Belt and Shoes

shoes belts Aasaanjosb fashion

The belt and the shoes you wear must match and should compliment the look. The color of the shoes and the shoes itself can be a real turn-off if not mixed properly with the entire dressing scheme. The socks should absolutely be of the same color as that of the pant.

The nitty-gritty of corporate-wear

Suit Aasaanjobs fashion


The hair should be properly done, with strokes of hair placed neatly on the side or the back. Rough and edgy look doesn’t go well with the formal attire. The side-locks should be trimmed properly and should compliment your hairstyle. A short hair, neatly done is the best there is to combine with a formal attire. Hairstyle should  go with your work clothes.

Facial Hair

A Neatly shaven man can carry off the formal attire the best. But at the most, a stubble, well-trimmed, is totally acceptable in the world of corporate fashion but it should look good on your work clothing.

Finger Nail

The nails of the finger should be properly cut or trimmed and this an absolute must.

The Smile

And the most important thing there is, all fails if this fails, is the smile. A man should wear a smile, an absolute must. This definitely exudes the confidence and the ease with which he carries himself.

The Startup Fashion

With the advent of the world of Startups, of course from Silicon valley, work clothes underwent a radical transformation. People in startups tend to represent a more work while you play kind of environment. Offices of Startups are very fun oriented with less emphasis on hardcore work. Ironically, people put in long hours of work in startups and are just as productive while being more relaxed. Such a relaxed and funky environment at requires a similar work wear.

The Startup Guy Aasaanjobs fashion

Present a funky attitude at the workplace!

The Jacket

Hoodies, leather jackets, sports jackets etc. all present a totally funky look when it comes to Startup fashion. One can mix any and all Jacket types with the inner parts of dressing. A lot of flexibility in color and style.

The Shirt

Tee-shirts, Half Sleeve Shirts, Full sleeve shirts, Polo shirts are all a complete yes for the look you are trying to build. The most important part of the work wear is the color of the clothes you are wearing. Remember to style it up properly if you are choosing a brighter shade.

The Bottom wear

Jeans, Chinos, Shorts etc. are all acceptable to the startup culture. Mixing it up with the right top wear can really notch it up.

The Footwear

Right footwear is very important even at the startup culture. Bathroom slippers is still a big NO albeit a formal footwear over jeans is a no too. So, funk it up a little bit and make it look cool. Right footwear can be Sport shoes, Canvas, Sneakers, Sandals, floaters, etc.


Technology has gifted us real boons. Cool wearable gadgets, watches, glasses, lockets and chains etc totally fit with the get up. But, remember not to overdo the work wear as you wouldn’t want to look like a hip-hop star on the first day of work.

The nitty-gritty of Startup-wear

Startup clothes Aasaanjobs fashion


Any hairstyle you make is totally acceptable in a startup culture. Just remember not to overdo your spikes or the long hair.

Facial Hair

Beards, Moustache, Stubble or clean shave is all cool here. Mix it up to get the funky look you desire.
Nails – Please trim nails under all circumstances.

The smile

As I mentioned above, A smile is the most dashing apparel a man can wear.

Since, the startup culture showcases a more dynamic, flexible and cool environment, remember to follow the tips mentioned above but remember not to overdo it. Subtlety is an art all men must have.

The Corporate world offers a serious, hardcore and a cut-throat environment and dressing sharp in such a setting is a total must.

And as I said earlier, dress for comfort, but also to attract eyes!

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