Extracting Employee Expectations (E3)

Employees are often referred to as ‘Human Capital’. A satisfied yet hungry employee is the most essential ingredient for the common excellence. It is very important to ensure  sustainability of this capital  ensuring justified share to all its stakeholders. The human need for excellence  is always skywards. Lack of proper nurturing  creates disharmony between the Employer and an employee and eventually disrupts set procedures  to a considerable extent. The biggest dilemma in applying the Prediction book to analyse the Employee expectations is that some management theories  fit in the employee-work dynamic perfectly well while others need some extra exploration and customization.


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employee walking away

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Employees have their own set of expectations, and if it is not met, the best will eventually walk away. People would keep lingering just as there is no better option available. Most of the employees have the capacity to be a leader but the environment in which they operate shape up this attribute. This is because in some cases, leaderships are deliberately discouraged in order to promote the tree structure of the organisation. Sadly, most of the organisations are at the receiving end for just doing lip service to the cause.

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There are certain common expectations that an employee in general has. Even if you are soliciting feedback, social dynamics can influence their responses to fit in the part of the formal work life. It is often observed that an outgoing employee has the most number of takeaways for the employer. Most of the organisations completely disregard the attrition rate at the cost of making the resource available for a cheaper cost out there in the job market.

Employee engagement

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Individual employees may not always be vocal about their expectations; several studies have focused on what employees really want in the modern business world. If you want to improve employee engagement and retention, you will need both a deeper understanding of employee expectations, and modern business best practices that fulfil them. Following are the broad expectations, which the employees must have:

    • Work dignity
    • Job clarity & Growth
    • Open door policy
    • Pay package
    • Work environment and relationship with Bosses or Leaders
    • Job security

Other qualifiers:

Respect, trust, positive social interaction, opportunities to contribute, and purposeful work are all part of a solid foundation your employees expect you to provide. It is a great place to build from, and to build a great work culture.

Job Autonomy

Job autonomy employee expectation

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Every employee expects a degree of autonomy in his or her respective work areas. Employees want to be accountable for their work. They want to be able to decide when, where, and how their work is done. They hate being kept under scrutiny. By resisting the urge to constantly scrutinise your employees and giving them the autonomy to do their job as effectively as possible, you are also building trust and driving employee motivation.

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A ‘Business School ‘and not merely a ‘Punishment school’

Punishment office employee engagement.

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No employee is perfect in carrying out the task allotted. However, the relationship is expected to be like a Teacher and student rather than that of a Boss and a Subordinate. Learning is a process that needs to be mutually embraced. It is a two way process. The insistence on doing things a particular way must be done away for better. It is expected not to keep the employee vulnerable in times of work related dilemmas. Dealing with failure is a very important area that needs major improvements as we find less of leaders and more of bosses.

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Employee respect expectation

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Employees want to be treated respectfully no matter what their job role may be. The work dignity and the respect not only boosts their morale but also leads to good performance. Every employee understands that the compulsion to enforce hierarchies might ensure that the task is done but may backfire in long run.

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employee trust expectations

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Employees want to be able to trust management, and they want management to trust them to do their jobs. Show them why you are a trustworthy partner.

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Social interaction

Employee social interaction expectations

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Employees want to have friends at work, work in a collaborative environment, and have a good relationship with their immediate supervisors. Make sure you are providing an environment that encourages social interaction.


Employee purpose expectation

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Employees are searching for more meaningful work in the modern business landscape. Help them understand how their work affects their peers, the company, and the world around them.

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Whether or not your employees feel comfortable telling you what they really want, you can still take action to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Fostering motivation is a Top-Down responsibility. The comfort of speaking one’s mind despite differing views is the best way to understand the expectations from a ‘Human Asset’!

What are your expectations from your organization? Let me know in the comments section below!

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