An Appraisal Strategy Made In Heaven

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how to decide the best appraisal system for company


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It can be tricky to implement an appraisal strategy that effectively addresses the expectations of all employees. In this free infographic guide, you will find the perfect way to align your employee evaluations with the right appraisal system.

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Readers Speak


Alay Jhaveri

Alay Jhaveri, LogiNext

“After YourGuy was acquired by LogiNext, we needed to restructure our appraisal policies to align with the incoming employees’ expectations. With this guide, I was able to see a clear vision to tie up employee performance with my company goals. Recommended reading!”

Sameer Saxena

Sameer Saxena, Holachef.com

“It is a pretty handy guide that weighs all the existing appraisal systems objectively, and proposes some combinations according to one’s company size. Quite useful to have in order to make a quick assessment of the existing processes.”

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Decoding The Correct Appraisal Strategy

If you are concerned about employee retention in your company, it is crucial to decide and implement the best appraisal strategy. In this infographic guide, you will learn :


  • 1

    The different methods of performance reviews

  • 2

    Pros and cons of adopting a specific appraisal method

  • 3

    How to create the right mix for you company – be it a startup, MNC or an SME