How We Made Delivery Boy Jobs Uber-popular

It is no hidden fact that with the rise of startups in the logistics, foodtech, ecommerce and hyperlocal segment, there has been a spurt in the demand for delivery boys. In fact, as this recent article about 6 youngsters quitting their job in Manipal Hospital to pick up delivery boy jobs suggests, youngsters nowadays prefers jobs that will pay them better in lieu of the hours of work they put in. A delivery driver job, in today’s market, offers anywhere between Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 15,000, with incentives varying anywhere between Rs. 1000 – Rs. 2000.

Festive seasons see an exceptionally high demand. With every e-commerce giant putting up offers and discounts to capture the elevated spirit of consumers, there is also much grappling within to retain workforce, with salaries and incentives shooting up by 50% for better performing delivery drivers, in a scenario where the shortage for delivery boys has skyrocketed to around 70%.

With youngsters looking for better remuneration, and companies willing to pay good salaries for it, this shortage seems unjustified. A reason behind this could also be due to the requirements that companies put in their job descriptions, particularly for candidates who own a specific model of Android phones so that the app of the respective company could work, or the ones who possess their own bikes. Having an android phone and having a bike makes the job of a delivery driver/boy easy.

With many of the candidates for driver jobs are coming from the lower income section of the society, it is perhaps galling to some that they should have to meet these requirements.

But this is only until one starts to think of the firms and startups who need to scale up profitably and retain a size-able market share. For a job segment where companies regularly face high attrition rate, it does not make economic sense in financing motorbikes and mobile phones for each and every employee and then figuring out what to do with the inventory once they have left.

It is for this reason that we at Aasaanjobs came out with a novel idea to fuel everyone’s dreams, be it a job seeker or a recruiter.

In association with Apex Auto, we devised a structure where a delivery driver boy could get his own new bike through a down-payment split between 2 months, with EMIs paid via his salary and perks he receives from the organisation employing him. Candidates can avail loans on the basis of their offer letter at around 13% interest. This serves to cut down the expenses of a firm, while giving a job seeker to purchase his own bike, making him eligible for a whole lot of other job opportunities where a delivery boy must possess a bike of his own in case he decides to leave the current firm for greener opportunities elsewhere.

The program has helped us in effectively filling the demand-supply gap, and how! From a single recruitment drive being held in our Kurla centre every week, we are now conducting 4-5 drives, with some of them seeing 100+ candidate footfalls looking for better job opportunities.

Additionally, we are about to launch a similar program for second hand bikes as well, with CredR providing refurbished bikes and Kredit Konnection financing this scheme, where a delivery driver would be able to purchase a bike for Rs. 30,000 (interest payment included) within a year. This move would only strengthen the number of candidates applying for a delivery boy job.

“Aasaanjobs came onboard during the crucial build up phase in Mumbai by helping us recruit nearly 200 delivery drivers. They have shown a sense of innovation in their approach to business, fulfilling our requirement for delivery boys who owned bikes by coming up with a financing scheme for those who did not own one, thereby increasing the screening pool of potential candidates.” said Mr. Bhaargav Rengarajan, AVP at Grofers, in an article published by The Startup Journal about our offering of temporary staffing services in Mumbai.

Through the temporary staffing model, as Siddharth Gupta, Head of Staffing and New Products at Aasaanjobs points out, startup owners can hire candidates and put them on a staffing company’s payroll and focus on their core business, as well as cutting down on costs.

For an ecosystem to flourish, it is of paramount importance that all the stakeholders get their expectations fulfilled. And being a matchmaker connecting job seekers to the best delivery driver jobs offered by companies, we take special pride in making this facilitation possible.

If you would like to see the various products that we at Aasaanjobs offer, do feel free to check out our website here.

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