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How To Deal With Irritating Co-Workers

No matter how cool your office culture is, every employee will come across irritating colleagues in their office. At some point of time patience gives up and your aggressive side takes it over. Getting angry...

Quality Hiring & Reduced TAT – Introducing “The Interview Plan” 0

Quality Hiring & Reduced TAT – Introducing “The Interview Plan”

Aug 20, 2016 | Blog Aasaanjobs | Two most important factors in Recruitment Industry – Quality of Hires & Time to hire

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Extracting Employee Expectations (E3)

Jun 7, 2016 | Mumbai | Employees are often referred to as ‘Human Capital’. A satisfied yet hungry employee is the most essential ingredient for the common excellence. It is very important to ensure  sustainability of this capital  ensuring justified share to all its stakeholders. The human need for excellence  is always skywards. Lack of proper nurturing  creates disharmony between the Employer and an employee and eventually disrupts set procedures  to a considerable extent.