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#AskAJ – When Should I Quit my Job

There are many employees who might have the big question, when should I quit and jump to the next organization. Are you always stressed about work? Do you feel as though you don’t fit in? For some, when it comes to leaving a job, it ...Read More

Myths v/s Realities Of Teamwork

Teamwork means less ‘ME’ and more ‘WE’ We all have been working in/with a team, irrespective to the work we’re indulged in. But, have you ever wondered why teamwork is important? Let’s discuss why the ability to work in a team is so necessary ...Read More

Work From Home

“ We just need the work completed on time, and that’s all that matters”. We hear many forms of this sentence in our professional lives, quite frequently. When it comes to results, organizations have (reasonable) expectations that they should get their money’s worth back. ...Read More