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Appraisal free guide - post pageThe new generation workforce is marching rapidly towards the digital age. While it has opened new avenues and opportunities, the consequence of a changed lifestyle is also an issue that needs to be addressed. Looking at the social and cultural landscape of our country and the preference of the inhabitants, very few employees form the part of an organized work environment. In the wake of reaping the benefits of the high speed, digitally connected world that’s just an E-mail or an SMS away there appears to be a complete disregard for cultural leanings thereby creating an imbalance in the family and the work ethos.

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The ‘real’ motivation

Motivation appraising potential

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As the world across gets tied up in the invisible threads of technology, the challenge to isolate an employee from a social being appears futile. In the context of changing dynamics, and the virtual world, employee motivation is a key aspect for his sustenance in the organization. The traditional means of monetary incentive does little good in employee retention. The employee ends up getting trapped in this mesh of monetary linked incentives. In the longer horizon it does not serve as the best recipe for employee retention.

The greatest innovation and sustenance can come from imparting an opportunity to an employee as a stakeholder in the development process of the organization. The emphasis on being associated with a large organization in the decision making process yields wonderful outcomes. The sessions of brainstorming can ease out the stress that is a direct consequence of the monotony of the work that an employee is subjected to. However, this should not turn into a boss praising session.

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Standards and drawbacks

Standards and drawbacks appraising potential

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The mechanism of appraisal as per the standard traditional practice is by an immediate or two level higher superior which is vetted by his immediate superior or Head of the respective department. This system however has a fundamental flaw of considering the ultimate authority to judge or to calibrate the competence of an employee. There are hidden biases or grudges against the particular employee that often ends up in an unfair treatment in appraisal process of the employee.

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It has been observed that along with the quantitative tools even qualitative tools are important in making right decisions for a balanced appraisal process. The top-down approach of the appraisal system not just reinforces the compartmentalization but also hampers the employee productivity. The bottoms – up approach using regular feedback and observation from the employees below one’s hierarchy helps in understanding multidimensional qualities of an employee. There are few things that goes beyond the metric that forms the part of KRA’s but it is also an essential ingredient in making of a man more than just an employee. Giving a raise in terms of additional responsibility or monetary perks to an incompetent employee not just demoralizes the motivation of other employees but also hampers the growth potential.

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Understanding the employee

Understanding employee appraising potential

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It is very much essential to understand the work related leanings of an employee. This should graduate into a non-work related potential that’s worth applause.  Praising the potentialities despite some drawbacks is a good way to start. There are many employees who get caught in the wrong job roles and follow as part of a monotonous ritual. If positivity is something and real appraising is to be done then people must be given multiple roles that they are interested in and willing to experiment with in the provided sphere or even beyond.

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There are often instances when an employee feels completely lost in the circus of work sphere. In such situations a mechanism needs to be developed to ease out the stress level that revolves around and makes the employee feel dejected.This mechanism will help in employee retention in an organization. An inspired employee can do multiple things for an organization, in critical times they are the strongest pillars of the organization. There is a need to have an attitudinal shift from an employee to a socially responsible human being, which only an equally responsible and sensible senior management can effect.

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Appraisal free guide - post page

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