9 Things You Could Do After Getting Fired

Oh yeah, you read that right! This is not the regular mopey stuff about coping, letting go or coming to terms with failure. In fact this is the exact opposite. This is about opportunity. Opportunity of doing whacky, funny, passionate, sensible (and not-so-sensible) things after getting fired. Why waste a golden opportunity, right? Here we have compiled a list of some of the zaniest things you could do to avoid the blues! 

  1. Get Spiritual

Get Spiritual Aasaanjobs fired

You can go on a tour of all the religious places in India and finally see what you are missing out on after getting sacked from work. What are you missing out on? Spiritual bliss and inner strength, of course. So why wait until you’re 50 and left with no energy. Do it now when you are young, full of life and jobless!

  1. Be your own boss

Be your own boss Aasaanjobs fired

If you are one who never says no to a challenge, then getting fired couldn’t be a bigger one. So go out there, use the head that got into the company in the first place and start a better company. Become an Entrepreneur!

*In your face, ex-boss, in your face*

  1. Learn

Learn Aasaanjobs fired

Yes, you can go back to college and learn a new subject, enroll for a new course. And if you are a little too uncool for that, we always have online courses! This is the best thing you can do after getting fired, learn more.

*Go Coursera! Woot Woot!*

Basically, just go back to studying and have fun! No one can get fired from learning. That’s a lifelong process afterall.

  1. Rediscover passion

Rediscover passion Aasaanjobs fired

Be it cooking, skating, painting! So what if your patriotism shines through your India shaped Roti, or your landscape looks like it just underwent a massive landslide, who cares? It’s your passion after all. Basically, go live out your dream and make that your life. You’ve been sacked from work but no one can kick you out from your passion.

  1. Save Lives

Save lives Aasaanjobs fired

If you have a natural tendency towards humor, make that your career. Make memes, become a YouTuber and induce laughter after getting fired.Unnecessarily depressed people (most of the world) need it. And maybe after reading this article all the readers will need it too!

You’ll be saving lives by countering depression! *drum rolls* *bravery award*

  1. Sleep

Sleep Aasaanjobs fired

With all the hustle-bustle and running around the past few years, maybe you have become Stephanie Meyer’s new-born Vampire! This is your chance to get back to the human race. Sleep and rest while you can. Humans are way more good looking anyway. We do not look like glittering diamonds or over-powdered dolls, right? Right? OK.

  1. Mint Money

Show me the money Aasaanjobs fired

After getting sacked from work find a more monetarily enriching career path. Like what you ask? Well, you can always become an Uber cab driver and earn 40,000 a month or start a vada paav stall at Dadar or a chaat stall in Juhu. And voila! You are legally and literally minting a lot of money!

  1. Get another job

Get another job Aasaanjobs fired

If you are not the adventurous Mowgli type and are more like Sid from Ice Age then well, find another job. Join another company. I’ll probably do that too after getting fired from one place.

  1. Magic

Magic Aasaanjobs fire

If none of the above works for you then just hope to get a letter from Hogwarts saying you are a Witch or Wizard. And then you can go around spend all your time flying on a broom, talking to snakes and living in a building with moving staircases and portraits. That is the only world you have a hope to survive in if nothing else works!


If you have recently got sacked from work and would like to get a job at a better place that doesn’t fire its employees (not regularly anyway) do login to the Aasaanjobs website to find a better job!

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