9 Paintings That Aptly Depict Your Office

Believe it or not, our forefathers may have had it just as bad as us when it came to the culture and norms in the office space. Deadlines, approvals, meetings and firings were very well a part of their normal courtroom proceedings, with the price for failure a tad bit higher than a paltry salary cut. Here we list 9 such instances with the ancient office artwork.

  1. Bring your child to work day

With a 12 headed gigantic cobra as an escort. Nothing else would make your colleagues go “Awww!”

bring your child to work day Aasaanjobs

  1. When you meet your boss to ask for a raise

Give the formal attire a miss for extra impact.

salary raise work Aasaanjobs

  1. Skyping with overseas clients

Discussing the future of the company, from something you saw in a crystal ball.

    skyping with overseas client work Aasaanjobs

  1. Reimbursement

When the office accountant peruses your reimbursement slip. All those camel ride fares aren’t going to pay themselves.

reimbursement work Aasaanjobs

  1. When the AC stops working in the office

Even a newspaper or an interviewee’s resume lying nearby would work for this purpose.

When the ac stops work Aasaanjobs

  1. Smoke breaks

The ideal way to rejuvenate after a grueling first half at the office.

 smoke breaks work Aasaaanjobs

  1. Top honchos of the company going through the Annual Sales Report

The acid test. Brace for the ripple effect (shown below) when you see this at your office.

 annual sales report work Aasaanjobs

  1. When you get extra work

That dreamy look when you could have been roaming the Himalayas than face the added ordeal. The image below put as the wall art for office.

extra work Aasaanjobs

  1. Sexual Harassment Committee

The most important part of the company. Tread with caution.

sexual harassment committee work Aasaanjobs

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