7 Types Of Irritating Colleagues You Find In An Office

We come across many interesting personalities at our respective workplaces everyday. Some of them go on to become our best buddies, but a few turn out to be so irritating you would think they came straight from hell to initiate Armageddon on Earth. The worst part of working in an office is that you have to work and interact with these people as well to get things done.

Below, I have compiled a list of the various ‘types’ of irritating colleagues you are bound to have in your office. Read on!

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1. The Loudmouths

Some people are just born with a mic in their vocal chord. Their voice echoes for miles around even when they are whispering. These are the times when you realize that earphones are really your best friend. Unless this happens.



2. The Full Time Complainers

There is something always wrong in their lives. These employees complain about almost anything in office. And when they are finished with office woes, they promptly begin with the trails and tribulations at home as well.



3. The Borrowers

A few people have this irritating habit of borrowing, but then promptly forgetting everything about it. It’s okay if people borrow stuff like earphones, cash or charger, but when almost a month has elapsed and you see the person using the commodity borrowed as if it was their own, something tends to snap inside you!



4. Co-Workers With A Bad Sense Of Humour

Personally I feel that these people are born to irritate not only at the workplace, but everywhere! Their bad jokes have the power to churn your insides and make you wail with despair. The best way to deal with them is to create a diversion and  run.



5. The Grandstanders

Showoffs are those who wears snazzy clothes and accessories, showing off 24/7 around their colleagues. Flaunting is a good thing but overdoing it irritates people around them.



6. The Rumour-Monger

These employees are very keen about other’s lives, not because they want to know but to tell your co-workers by adding their extra inputs just to garnish the story.



7. Perverts Of The Office

Pervert colleagues are those who has a bad-eye on every female employee in the office. They stray the normal conversation to relate it with sex.


Well, that’s it from my side. If you think I have missed any ‘type’, do let me know in the comments section below!

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