5 Ways To Strategically Take A Break

Exhausting amount of work for extended periods of time can be frustrating, with some jobs demanding a significant amount of contribution for long hours. It is therefore important to spend some time with friends and family, particularly if hectic work makes it impossible for you to visit them regularly. Here we list some tips on how you could plan your work break times and take a little trip or a vacation to meet your folks, where you could get to hear the familiar yet charming refrain “Beta kitna patla ho gaya hai!”

1. The Boss at your work place

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Inform your manager well in advance, preferably bringing out two dates in case one of them is rejected. Voice your concern about the workload that your team would have to bear in your absence, suggesting at the same time that perhaps you could organise and finish some of those tasks before you leave. The Boss would at this juncture be all too happy to assist you in organising your tasks and to grant you official break times at work.

2. The Colleague who you work with 

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A trade off would be mutually beneficial to have a peaceful work break times. For instance, if The Colleague in your team applies for a leave, whose work during his absence would directly fall upon your shoulders, it would be better to negotiate beforehand declaring that you get precedence the next time in exchange for your ‘sacrifice’ and vice versa.

However, in case of head-on holiday clashes, may the best man win.

 3. The Work Training

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One might not always have the luxury of having a colleague with the same job profile who could step right in to share your work load. In this case, training a colleague with the finer aspects of your work would ease both of your hassles in the long run.

4. The Communications regarding work

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Getting bugged by clients, customers or colleagues during your work break times could become annoying. Setting up a vacation auto-reply message on your email service provider would help you avoid this.

5. The Time

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It would be a good idea to figure out your company’s rhythm in order to gauge a lean period – when going away for a work break vacation wouldn’t hit the team or the company significantly. For some companies this would be around April – the end of the financial year. Long weekends might also be a good bet. For a list of extended weekends for the year 2014-2015, click here.

Now that you have these tips at your disposal, we hope you use them to their full potential and take that much deserved trip to rejuvenate your senses. Bon voyage!

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