5 Steps To Create A Good Profile

Aasaanjobs works because we strive to improve the communication between employers and job seekers, for we firmly believe that it is the most crucial element for any professional relationship to survive. It is therefore extremely important to convey information effectively to a prospective employer by creating a professional profile on our job portal site.

Here we list the five possible ways you could strengthen your Aasaanjobs profile, which will ensure you get hired in a jiffy!

1. Photograph

Make sure you don’t upload a blurred picture, or one taken in low light. Avoid wearing flashy clothes while getting your picture clicked. At the same time, wearing something your cat sleeps on might not be such a good idea either.  A formal attire is usually the norm. The first impression is the last one, so make sure it is the best professional profiles picture!

2. Work Experience

Be specific. A good profile summary/work description should include your responsibilities at the previous place of employment in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner. Include the things you have learnt, as well as a genuine account of how you contributed to the organisation in your own way. Ideally one should adopt the middle path between being a Superman and a Suppandi! You can also put up the link to your LinkedIn profile to further strengthen your image.

3. Skill Details

Fill in all details about your interpersonal skills for creating a professional profile. These skills display the extent to which you can communicate effectively with people, as well as your ability to work in a team. An employer will like to know about your capabilities before the interview, therefore you must be absolutely certain of the details that you enter. One does not want to be taken by surprise at an interview!

4. Salary Range

Always check the prevailing market range for the salary in your work profile. A very low quote may increase your competitiveness with respect to other candidates, but may raise doubts over your competence. A very high one may completely take you off the radar for the employers looking to hire seriously. As a famous old Indian saying goes, “Tol mol ke bol!”.

5. Profile Verification

This is an important part of the Aasaanjobs process. To an employer, the verified profile of a candidate goes the extra mile in establishing trust, something which we believe is extremely important in the hiring process. You can schedule an interview with our team either by phone or the website as per your convenience.

Now that you have done all of the above, we at Aasaanjobs wish you all the best!

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