5 Ways HR Professionals Can Go Beyond The Call Of Duty To Have A Happier Workplace

Human Resource plays a vital role in an organization as they are responsible for recruiting the right candidates. Scheduling interviews, screening, and hiring workers by keeping the company requirements in mind are some major tasks they usually keep on doing. They are a gateway between a job seeker and a company which every candidate need to pass for getting a job. Besides that, an HR is also responsible for maintaining a healthy work environment in an office and dealing with many sensitive situations. They need to be good at administration as they are at communication, conducting employee activities to maintain a healthy environment are some hidden job roles of an HR. Here are some ways where an HR professional can go beyond their call of duty to have a happier workplace.

Beyond Recruiting

Some HR professionals are so focused on hiring new people that they forget about their employees who have been working from a long time. Keeping them engaged and happy in the organization totally depends on the HR’s approach. Rather than just focusing on top performers, a good HR professional should be concerned about everyone. Focusing on every individual’s ability to progress and showing them the right career path can be done to keep the employees motivated.



Dealing With Tantrums

HR professionals should maintain a healthy balance between employee rights and business needs. They deal with disputes between employer and employee on daily basis. Most of the time the result makes either employer or employee unhappy, an HR should come up with innovative ideas to resolve the problem in an appropriate way.



Legal Enforcer

Human resources (HR) compliance is important for every organization to be successful in today’s legal environment. HR compliance should be treated as a process of defining both individual and group behaviors to ensure the organization’s applicable laws and policies are followed. The HR professionals must hire and retain such individuals who are knowledgeable about HR specific laws and can create policies and procedures in relation to these laws. This will help the HR function take a large step to achieving its goal of maintaining HR compliance for the overall organization.



Transparent Communication

Every organization deals with changes and transitions that affect employees. About these changes HR professional should come upfront and do an open communication with the entire company. Having an open and transparent communication with the employees makes them aware of every small change that is happening in the company. A situation like layoffs and budget cuts are viewed negatively and as a threat to an employee. HR should have an ability to frame such  situation in a positive and constructive way.

Business People in a Meeting and Working Together

Compensations And Benefits

Human Resource professional should provide guidance to employees for getting compensations and benefits. Developing compensation plans and aligning reward and recognition program by keeping employees performance record are some unknown responsibilities that should be performed by an HR professional efficiently. In addition, monitoring Family and Medical Leave Act compliance and adherence to confidentiality provisions for employee medical files are also a responsibility of an HR professional.

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These are the effective ways of going beyond the job responsibility for making a happier workplace for an HR professional. If you have any innovative idea spinning in your mind related to this topic, feel free to mention it below in our comment box. 


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