5 Reasons Why Monsoons Are Job Friendly

The monsoons are finally here (albeit with some hiccups) and people all over Mumbai are thinking of escaping to a secluded love nest to Lonavala, a trek to Prabhalgarh, or even paying a visit to Marine Drive to feel the fine, misty sprays of the salty sea water. But did you know that this season is also the one where you have a high chance of getting through an interview? Here we list several reasons why getting jobs in monsoon is easy.

1. People hunt for jobs closer to their homes

After all, one should reach home in time for some chai and pakodas, the real boon of Mumbai monsoons.

chai and pakodas in monsoon Aasaanjobs

2. Monsoons make people lazy. Employers seek dedicated employees.

Just the effort of coming for an interview when it is raining cats and dogs will make some interviewers tear up. So, the monsoon job vacancies interviews are easy to crack.

Monsoons lazy Aasaanjobs

3. HRs are generally in a good mood.

Monsoon job vacancies are best to apply for because HRs are generally in good mood and chances of letting you through the first round of interview is high.

#monsoons #rains #petrichor

Rains Monsoons Aasaanjobs good mood

4. You don’t get rejected for a wrinkle on your pocket that’s not ironed.

After all, problems with creases are something even the mighty Indian cricket team faces.

unironed shirt to work Aasaanjobs

5. You get to jump in a puddle after signing on your job offer

And give that absolutely divine expression akin to Kareena Kapoor’s as an added incentive. Just be sure to put the offer letter in a ziplock bag safely first.

kareena kapoor chameli monsoons

Monsoons in Mumbai are thus the harbingers of pleasantness, great food, an ambience to quench even Albert Pinto’s anger as well as potential good news regarding the acceptance of an application for the monsoon job vacancies.

In order to capitalise on this chance to get a great job near your residence during the very opportune monsoon season, do consider visiting the Aasaanjobs website.

 – Contributor : Sourabh Biswas

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