5 Innovative Ways To Reward Your Burned Out Employees

“People work for money, but go an extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.”

Dale Carnegie

Let’s face it.

We all spend way too much time at work, too much to ever get the feeling that we are caught in a loop of redundancy, that somehow all the work that we do doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things. In this scenario, just a tiny pat in the back is all that matters employee motivation.[bctt tweet=”Good Managers make their employees feel appreciated. Great Managers make their employees feel valued.” username=”Aasaanjobs”]

Yes, there is a difference. That difference boils down to recognition – not just if you give it, but how you give it.  Employee recognition programs have been around for a while and often take the form of praising or spotlighting an employee for awesomeness during a fixed tenure (think ‘Employee of the Month’ awards) or in general.

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The best leaders don’t make their employees wait for performance reviews until the end of the month (or year) at the reward and recognition program to let them know they are doing great work. Instead, they recognize good performance by giving informal and frequent positive feedback about specific behaviors – in conversation, in email, or even in a short, hand-written note. Feedback in any form, positive or negative is always great to have for the benefit of the employee as well as organization.

For managers who do not have the luxury of time to mentor, or don’t want to reward employees through the usual traditional methods, I have compiled a list of 5 innovative ways through which you  could make an employee feel appreciated for their work. Read on!

1. Provide Meaningful Skill Building Opportunities

Skill employees innovative ways reward

Source: Siemens

Knowing how employee motivation can be done will help you appropriately delegate or assign work. With fewer promotional opportunities available in lean organizations, challenging work that provides meaningful skill building opportunities can be a real motivator for some team members. Younger workers, in particular, have figured out that one way to ensure their job security is to be avid learners seeking multiple opportunities to expand their skill set. Determine who is ready to take on higher levels of responsibility and assign work accordingly.

2. Free Uber Rides

free Uber rides innovative ways to reward employees

Source: Japantimes

Every morning, you step out of your home and pray that the Autowallah bhaiya will agree to drop you to the station. Once that is done, you again pray to the Almighty that he helps you through the difficult peak hour train ride in one piece. Your mood at work is often defined by how many Autowallahs refused to drop you off, how many quarrels or fights you came across in the train or similar other events! What if your employer decided to give you free Uber rides as an employee reward for work well done ? Sounds like a cool reward to me, doesn’t it?

3. Acknowledge your employee’s worth in public

employee appreciation innovative ways to reward employees

Source: J Bourne’s Blog

Traditionally, when you give an employee reward, you would give him a certificate or an award for appreciation. However, this limits the recognition to the people within the organization. We live in the age of social media, where every minuscule detail of people’s life is all over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn . Everyone loves it when you shower them with praises. What better way than to acknowledge and appreciate your employee’s accomplishments by publishing a small article or note about how they added value to your organization?

4. Get them their own Personal Assistant for a month

personal assistant innovative ways to reward employees

Source: Stuff Monster’s Like

Everyone has some work which they hate doing – say, answering phone calls from random clients, filing papers, signing stuff etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the boring work done from someone? Maybe picking up your laundry, getting those groceries for which you never seem to have time because of your busy schedule, managing your appointments and whatever it is you wish ! The PA would be at your disposal, always and you would have more time to do some interesting work or just leave for home sooner.

5. Lastly,  show respect and thank you!

thank you innovative ways to reward employees

Source: Shape Up

Like they say, “Admonish in private, Praise in public. “ All your hard work and appreciation of an employee can be destroyed in an instant if you disrespect or belittle them in public. They won’t remember the 100 times you said you appreciated them. They’ll remember the one time you didn’t. Feedback is important for the growth of any employee, rendering feedback is an art which all managers must master. The best part about saying “Thank You” or providing feedback as a recognition tool? It costs nothing. And, you can dole it out daily – even multiple times a day. Oh, and in addition to helping your employee actually feel valued, they are more likely to understand (and do) more of what will make them and the company successful. It also helps in employee motivation.

That’s it from my side. If you have got some innovative ones of your own, let us know in the comment’s section below!

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