13 weird reasons why people resign

Resignations are common, almost a rite of passage in everybody’s life, dictated often by a personal choice to move on to greener pastures or by circumstances. The reasons some people give while quitting their jobs, however, can make the most uptight of employers roll with unbridled laughter. Here we list some of the reasons for leaving a job.

1. “I wanted to find the True Lord.”

This might have been Bellatrix Lestrange and most weird reason to quit work, because work is worship.

savior lord resign Aasaanjobs

2. “My ugly boss proposed to me for marriage.”

Because a shubh muhurat is so passe. Definitely not among the good reasons for leaving a job.

married boss resign Aasaanjobs

3. “The washing machine ruined all my office clothes.”

It is not everyd ay that your bathroom resembles Venice.

fun laundry resign Aasaanjobs

4. “People were not serious enough at the office.”

Sucks to be stuck with lesser mortals. One of the reasons for leaving a job by hypocrite.

 idiot coworkers resign Aasaanjobs

5. “I got caught in the bus while traveling ticket-less.”

Congratulations! Now you can actually justify not buying a ticket.

bus ticket fined resign Aasaanjobs

6. “I had a vision where a voice told me to go to Himalayas and settle.”

Why bother to check whether the voice is coming from the TV, when it is easier to just quit work.

into the wild resign Aasaanjobs

7. “The coffee machine in the office didn’t whip up good cappuccino.”

Dr. Watson would approve of your decision to quit work.

hot coffee resign Aasaanjobs

8. “I wanted to go to Goa for a vacation devoid of all office stress.”

Nothing like Goa trance to dance on.

goa trance resign Aasaanjobs

9. “I couldn’t leave my dog alone as he was suffering from constipation.”

I mean seriously, how can that not be a valid enough reason? Just look at it!

dog sick resign Aasaanjobs

10. “The floor on which the office is located is too high. I suffer from vertigo.”

Welcome to adulthood.

vertigo resign Aasaanjobs

11. “Someone stole a wallet gifted by my girlfriend. With all the money in it.”

Better to quit work than face Morpheus.

morpheus wallet resign Aasaanjobs

12. “Everybody in my office likes Chunky Pandey. I like Chandrachur Singh.”

We are pretty sure that the red ink used here is actually blood.

chandrachur singh resign Aasaanjobs

13. “Tried to mass-resign along with the rest of my team. They backstabbed and I was the only one who ended up without a job.”

Wouldn’t be entirely wrong to adopt this approach.

mass resign Aasaanjobs

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– Contributor : Butool Abbas, Yuri Oberoi, Jui Shinde, Jatin Kelkar

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