12 Things To Not Do Before Your Seniors

A popular adage states that it takes years to build a reputation, while only a few seconds are enough to tarnish your image. This holds special significance in maintaining good relationship at workplace where you need to spend a considerable amount of time with your senior in the office, collaborating on some project or the other. A slight mistake on your part, or even ingrained behavioral aberrations could put you in your senior’s cross-hair, so you have to maintain a good relationship with your seniors. Here are some ways to avoid being in that situation.

1. Show that you are an extremely efficient worker

Do this for building relationships at work and if you want your workload to increase dramatically.

Efficient employee seniors Aasaanjobs

2. Coming in a vehicle costlier than all of your seniors’

People have been fired for wearing ties of the same colour as their boss.

old and new cars seniors Aasaanjobs

3. “I partied too hard last night — I’m so hung over!”

Hate to break it to you, but it isn’t really a party if you are able to reach the office next day.

office hungover seniors Aasaanjobs

4. Share spoilers from the latest TV series

Unless it is from Game of Thrones and you are itching to get axed. Talk about poetic justice.

spoilers seniors Aasaanjobs

5. Fiddling around with numbers on excel tracking sheets

Get an abacus for that.

abacus mother child seniors Aasaanjobs

6. Bring your lover for a nice time in your senior’s cabin

And even if you do, make sure you put in place all the stuff that was thrown off his desk a little while earlier.

desk cabin seniors Aasaanjobs

7. Bitch about your senior to seniors from other departments

Not even if they bait you with more gossip regarding your senior.

office gossip seniors Aasaanjobs

8. Come stoned for a meeting

Afghanistan would be a better place for this.

stoned meeting seniors Aasaanjobs

9. Give better ideas than your senior in group meetings

Who do you think you are? Barney?

barney meeting seniors Aasaanjobs

10. “Did you miss me?”

When you come back from vacation. Not a good idea to remind your senior of all the paid leaves he could have availed and isn’t able to because of your incompetence.

holiday seniors Aasaanjobs

11. Stare for too long at your senior’s wife

When invited to their house for dinner. The food, though, is fair game.

dirty staring seniors Aasaanjobs

12. Eavesdrop on your senior’s private conversations

Waiting for the office party would be the best bet.

cabin eavesdrop seniors Aasaajobs

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Contributor : Jatin Kelkar

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