11 Things Not To Say In An Interview

Interviews can be, depending upon the situation and the interviewer, breezy, tricky, unnerving and sometimes downright draining. One has no way of knowing how an interview will proceed, which is why people are prone to sometimes say some pretty silly things while answering interview questions – one which they will not do otherwise in normal situations. Here we have attempted to compile some that are the most common.

  1. “At home.”

When asked a typical interview question like “Where do you live?’ Witticisms like these are good for chuckling only in front of a mirror.

at home interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “I thrashed my manager.”

In answer to “Why did you leave/Why do you want to leave your last job?”. If you have to absolutely say it, we hope you landed a good slap.

thrash manager interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “Why did you not get an MBA?”

On being told by a graduate that he will be above you, a pompous post-graduate, in hierarchy.

boss interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “I will do anything you want me to do.”

On being asked an interview question like “How do you think you can contribute?”. Never a good idea to confuse job profiles. Unless its for a Karan Johar movie.

 will do anything interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “I am the best you can get, at this price point.”

Let’s spare the overconfidence for Chulbul Pandey.

 I am the best interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “What? Are you kidding me?”

When told about the salary and perks.

Raise interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “You look ravishing…”

On being confronted with an especially good looking interviewer.

Look Ravishing interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “Can I bring my dog to work?”

Why not? In fact bring your own dinosaur.

Bring a dog to work interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “I need to take a month’s leave a week after joining.”

Why not take that week off as well?

 Stay In Office interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “When do I get my own cabin and Macbook?”

In due time my friend, in due time.

 Like A Boss interview Aasaanjobs

  1. “Weakness? What’s that?”

On being asked a typical interview question “What is your weakness?”. Nobody says the above unless they are Hulk. Not even Barney.

 Worst Flaw interview Aasaanjobs

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