10 crazy ways to take an office break

Office routines can be tiring. Long hours of sitting in front of a computer screen, staring at excel sheets till your eyes pop out of the head is something not desirable, either for the company, your family or yourself, and hence we have put together a list of the various ways in which to effectively take a short break from work . And remember, if you do get reprimanded for indulging in too many breaks, just come back with the age old rejoinder “This is increasing my productivity!”

1. Stalking

Most of us are guilty. Even the women-folk. And you. Yes, you!

Facebook browsing Office Aasaanjobs

2. Eating

The most important activity of the day. Don’t give this a miss.

Eating Office Aasaanjobs

3. Daydreaming

On anything and everything. Including this gem of a thought.

Daydreaming at Office Aasaanjobs

4. Gaming

A discourse to get your adrenaline pumping and serve the calls of other duties.

Call of duty office break Aasaanjobs

5. Chatting

A small “Hi” from an old crush or an exhaustive list of “!@#$%%^^&*()* from an old buddy can make your day.

Chatting at Office Aasaanjobs

6. Smoking

Sneaking out for sutta break and voila! You can make some great friends.

smoke breaks office breaks


7. Sleeping

If the work can be done, why worry. If it can’t ..well you know what to do, take a rest.

Sleeping in Office Aasaanjobs

8. Caffeine

A cup of coffee is just not enough. Some great conversations, laughs and friendships can start over a cup of coffee and it can be a good break from work.

 Coffee breaks Office Aasaanjobs

9. Gossiping

It gives everyone a kick to get to know the sordid details of someone’s life, even if some (or most) of these are imaginary.

Gossiping Office Aasaanjobs

10. Online shopping

Brace yourself! You don’t want to miss the next Big Billion Sale.

Online shopping Office Aasaanjobs

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